Patient Success Stories

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Tyler Linkous injured his ACL and meniscus while coaching basketball. He came to HealthWorks in Cheat Lake for treatment.

“The quality of care that you receive here is top-notch. It’s a very personal approach, a very pointed approach. They really want to get to the root of the problem. They want to help you get back to doing what you enjoy doing. I would recommend HealthWorks, absolutely.”

Hear Tyler’s story.


Joe Zorosky had continued swelling and limited flexibility with his foot. To alleviate his pain, he came to HealthWords in Smithfield for care.

“I was amazed by the improvement that was made. I now am pain-free. HealthWorks, thank you very much for getting me back to where I should be.”

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Helen Hartnett comes to HealthWorks’ Fitness Center in Morgantown to help her workout, stay healthy and age well.

“As we get older, we have different aches and pains. Sometimes our natural response is to stop moving, which in the end makes things more painful. I think that is the real benefit of HealthWorks and the real benefit of working with a personal trainer. If your body hurts, come to HealthWorks.”

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Denny McIntire was throwing bales of hay into the back of his truck when he felt something pop in his shoulder. He had a torn rotator cuff and detached bicep tendon that required surgery. To help him with his recovery, Denny began therapy with another physical provider. However, after a number of weeks of care, his progress was limited. That’s when Denny decided to go to HealthWorks in Waynesburg.

“They were wonderful. I thought for sure my shoulder was frozen, but after three months of pretty intense rehabilitation I’m happy to say I went to Myrtle Beach and played six rounds of golf. I was elated. The moral of the story is, I made HealthWorks my second choice. Don’t make that mistake. Make HealthWorks your first choice.”

Hear Denny’s story.

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