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HealthWorks is committed to treating patients with our best-in-class, community-based outpatient physical rehabilitation services. We strive to help every patient who entrusts us with their care return to life, work and the activities they enjoy.

As a clinically-dedicated and patient-centric organization committed to care excellence, we are eager to partner with clinicians and owners. In fact, we’re always seeking like-minded companies to join us.

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Why work with us?



Our partnerships

We empower professional and financial growth through our network of talented and experienced clinicians, through day-to-day operations, best practices and peer support.

We have been successful in delivering positive patient outcomes through individualized patient care programs.

Our partnerships



Selling your practice

We understand your clinical passion and how that moved you to start your own practice. We also know that times change, businesses evolve and circumstances arise. If you’re considering selling your practice, contact us. With a shared commitment to care excellence and creating an exceptional patient and employee experience, we would be happy to discuss your future opportunities.

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Selling your practice
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