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HealthWorks treats many common injuries and conditions, from aches and strains to sprains, fractures and more.

Living with pain or thinking aches and pain is your normal is never a good thing.

The sooner you find out what is causing your pain, or have your injury treated, the faster you can heal and feel better.

Our experienced team of clinicians knows how the body moves and functions. You will be in good hands as we treat you and your pain with a personalized care plan.

Click the body part with injury or pain to learn about symptoms and treatments:

  • Head – Head injuries and pain. Whether concussion, dizziness or debilitating headaches, we can effectively treat your condition
  • Neck – Neck strain, muscle spasms, cervical spine stiffness and tech neck are just some of the areas where we specialize
  • Shoulder – This complex joint has many moving parts that time, overuse or injury can wear down. We treat each of these parts – tendons, muscles and ligaments – and conditions or injury that causes pain
  • Arm – This upper body part includes the wrist and elbow. The arm is susceptible to breaks, sprains, fractures and muscle irritation, often from sports and recreational activity that we can treat
  • Hand – We treat injuries and conditions that cause pain, including carpal tunnel, osteoarthritis, dislocations, tendonitis and more
  • Back – Low back and spine are our specialties. Whether from trauma, overuse or work-related injury
  • Hip – General wear and tear, accidents or falls are common reasons for hip pain. Our therapists give expert treatment for these as well as arthritis, bursitis, strains and tears
  • Leg – We can help relieve pain and injury from everyday activities, sports and work-related conditions with personalized treatment
  • Knee – From crunching sounds when walking to ACL tears, injury and osteoarthritis, we can help you get back to regular activities
  • Ankle – Injury to any of the three bones in this body part can greatly limit your daily life. We treat common sprains and shin splints to complex fractures and Achilles tendon issues
  • Foot – Our team can expertly diagnose conditions causing pain and movement limitation. We’ll work with you to get you back on your feet safely

We know the importance of being your own advocate in managing your health and wellness. Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our therapists to determine if physical therapy is your next step in feeling better and getting back to normal activity.

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