Industrial Program

Types of programs:

  • Acute Injury Care– Acute physical and occupational therapy available immediately following injury. Treatment focuses on early return to work and living activities.
  • Work Readiness Programs– Programs designed for individuals who need intensive work related therapy that are post acute. Work simulation is an essential part of the programs.
  • Functional Restoration– Comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to the evaluation and treatment of individuals with chronic pain.
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation– Evaluates the feasibility and time frame of the patient’s return to work. Provides specific information that is used to generate a specific demand capacity level.
  • Employment Screening– Used to place new employees and evaluate current employees. Person’s capabilities are assessed to develop baseline information prior to injury and identify individuals whose functional weakness puts them at risk for injury.
  • Fitness Program– Offers personalized goal setting exercise regimen with a non-intimidating environment.
  • Work Simulation Area– 1500 square foot area dedicated to work specific activities as part of the rehab or evaluation process. A BTE Work Simulator is used for evaluation and treatment.
  • Ergonomic Consultation– Consultative services include the development of an ergonomics program and on-site ergonomic assessments. Program can be utilized for industrial and non-industrial settings. The goal is to identify and address ergonomic concerns and assist with control measures.
  • Job-Site Analysis– Breaks down physical requirements of the job and provides recommendations for work habit modifications to promote injury prevention.
  • On-Site Education Programs– Emphasizes risk awareness and prevention.

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