Biomechanical Throwing Evaluation

What Is Biomechanical Throwing?

Recent studies have shown a significant increase in shoulder and elbow injuries in youth baseball players. Proper throwing biomechanics have been correlated to an increase in pitching performance (velocity, accuracy) and decreased prevalence of injury. At HealthWorks Rehab and Fitness we specialize in high-speed video biomechanical analysis to identify any biomechanical faults which would predispose a pitcher to injury. We then take that information and present it to the player, parent, coach and appropriate rehab professionals in order to correct the underlying problem.

Biomechanical Throwing Evaluation is available at these locations:

Video Method

We film 2-3 views of the athlete during their wind-up delivery using digital video equipment. We then transfer the video to Sports Motion Pro Trainer software to slow the video down to 60 frames per second which allows us to analyze 43 points of the throwing motion. After the analysis is completed, a DVD is produced to accompany the throwing evaluation breaking down the throwing motion. This DVD along with the 43 point throwing evaluation are then used to correct the flaws of the pitcher.

Video analysis is done on an appointment basis by calling 304-594-1545. Video biomechanical throwing analysis can be performed at either the Cheat Lake or Morgantown locations. The fee for the throwing evaluation is $100. This fee includes an orthopedic screening, video capture, home exercise instruction to address underlying physical deficits, and a copy of the biomechanical analysis on video.

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