Personalized Health & Weight Management

What Is Personalized Health & Weight Management?

Learning to be at a healthy weight is not just about losing the weight  you want and then stopping!  Instead it is a mindset, a change in attitude about your daily activities and habits. William Shakespeare said, “Our bodies are our gardens—our wills are our gardeners.” As you plant the seed in your mind to make positive changes, you will nurture it with knowledge, practice, and purpose.  You will feel like a new person!

HealthWorks is dedicated to providing you with nutritional counseling and personal training sessions that are imperative to your weight loss journey. Our experts have the science behind the practice in guiding you with a plan that really works! We will be by your side every step of the way as you progress through your goals during this 4 month program!

The HealthWorks Personalized Health & Weight Management Program will provide you with:

Health & Weight Management is available at these locations:


  • Bi-monthly one on one counseling(8 visits)
  • Initial assessment with body composition analysis
  • Evaluation of energy and nutrient needs
  • Customized eating plan with both short and long term goals
  • Education around nutrition topics relevant to your needs
  • Healthy recipes and menu ideas
  • Ongoing accountability and support


  •  Initial fitness assessment to determine your baseline fitness level with certified personal trainer.
  •  Bi-monthly personal training sessions with personalized workout programs.
  • Full body measurements taken monthly
  • Full access to gym, aerobics classes, pool and equipment with membership

Financial Investment:

4 month program- $800
*Gym membership required
Additional Nutrition and Personal Training sessions are available

 Program incentives:
· Personalized program binder including recipes, food logs, workouts and more
· Free t-shirt at end of program
· Free month fitness membership after completion of program.

 Program Incentives:

Personalized program binder including recipes, food logs, workouts and more
Free t-shirt at end of program
Free month fitness membership after completion of program.

HealthWorks Personalized Health & Weight ManagementProgram Coordinator:

Margie Uryasz, RDN, LD

[email protected]

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