What Is Cycling?

Cycling is an indoor group fitness workout that offers an energizing ride that combines sound training principles, expert coaching, inspirational music and a unique mind/body philosophy.

New participants should arrive 5 minutes prior to class to receive a one-on-one bike fitting and basic instruction. The special design of the bike allows each individual to work at their own intensity level, based on their fitness. Beginners and advanced fitness participants enjoy the same class at the same time.  Please bring a water bottle with you for proper hydration. Our certified instructors will keep you motivated to achieve your goals.

Cycling Class is available at these locations:


  • Great for all fitness levels
  • Excellent cardiovascular conditioning
  • Increases caloric expenditure
  • Enhances muscle tone
  • Builds endurance and leg strength
  • Great change from your personal workout (excellent cross- training tool)
  • Increases energy level

Class Types:

  • Beginner
  • Special Populations
  • Fitness Athletes
  • Competitive Cyclists

Common Questions:

If I have never been in an indoor cycling class, how to I learn to set up the bike properly?

You should arrive 10 minutes early for proper bike set up, measurements, and instruction.   A “quick fit” can get you started but may need adjusted after your begin riding.

How does indoor cycling differ from cycling outdoors?

Indoor cycles have several differences.  They have a weighted flywheel that does not stop unless you add resistance and slow the pedals yourself.  Maintaining control of the pedals is a key component of indoor cycling.  Also, an indoor cycle does not sway or shift side to side as a traditional bicycle.  This requires a relaxed but controlled upper body, to allow for some movement during seated or standing climbs.

What can I expect from the class? How can sitting on a bike for 40-60 minutes be interesting?

Indoor cycling should provide an “outdoor cycling” situational, a workout focused on improving your strength or endurance, or a combination of both.   It is a bike workout, not a workout on a bike.   The instructor will keep the entire class motivated to push themselves within their own limits, using exertion scales and certain measureable statistics.

How do I sign up for a class?

Arrive to the gymnasium 5-10  minutes prior to class start.  The instructor can assist you and you can sign up before class begins.

What if the bike, especially the seat, isn’t comfortable?

Everyone starts the same way.  It just takes time to get used to being in the saddle.  You may need to only participate in part of a class the first few times.  Once you have become more accustomed to the  seat and the settings you will be able to participate more fully.  You may also try padded biking shorts or a gel seat cover to help be more comfortable.  (Don’t worry, even instructors do this)

Is there a high chance of injury with indoor cycling?

No.  The indoor cycle lessens the likelihood of injury, and is a good cross training tool.   If proper set up is obtained and guidelines are followed the risk of injury is minimal.  A mindset such as “don’t do anything on an indoor cycle that you could not or would not do on a bicycle outdoors”, will also prevent injuries and accidents.

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